Au/Pt Thermocouple
  • Calibration uncertainties of ± 0.030 °C @ 1000 °C.
  • Stability better than ± 0.050 °C over long periods of use.
  • Best alternative for high temperature PRT.
  • More robust and less annealing care than PRTs.
  • Does not deteriorate the electrical isolation between sensor element and sheathed as PRTs.

Presy Au/Pt thermocouple sensor follows the design, care selection of raw material and handling in accordance with NIST and McLaren guidelines.
It is a high performance sensor, more robust and stable than PRT for high temperature and level of accuracy of secondary or primary temperature standards.
R and S thermocouples use platinum alloys in their composition which causes deterioration in performance and variable behavior depending on ther immersionin the heat source (presence of non-homogeneities).
The Au/Pt thermocouple developed by Presys uses Au and Pt wires with 99.999% of purity, and as these metals are very stable from 0 to 1000 °C, the stability of the thermocouple is excellent for this range. The international literature has extensively described the exceptional qualities of this type of thermocouple.
Can be used with the Presy Precision Thermometer PT-511 which already has the Au/Pt thermocouple curve developed by Burns. The reading is obtained directly in temperature unit. This set calibrated by fixed points results in a digital thermometer with the best uncertainties for such a wide range as 0 to 1000 °C.


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