Super Thermometer
  • PRT reference thermometer, resolution of 0.001 °C.
  • Replace precision glass thermometer.
  • Fully electronic, without mechanical parts.
  • Accepts PRT sensors or standard thermocouples.
  • Portable and compact (rechargeable battery, charger and carrying case included).
  • It has internal memory and serial communication port.
  • Accepts Callendar-Van Dusen, IPTS-68 and ITS-90 coefficients.

The super thermometer ST-501 main purpose is to measure temperature with high accuracy. It uses platinum resistance thermometers sensors and it also accepts standard thermocouples. The digital electronic indicator can be offered complete including the temperature sensor and calibration certificate of the pair. The ST-501 has internal algorithms to calculate the temperature value according to Callendar-Van Dusen (CVD) and ITS-90 among other international temperature tables. For customers that already have one or several RTD’s or PRT’s sensors with quality enough for being used as standards, it is only necessary to enter its respective coefficients. And for those uncalibrated probes, it is possible to use the standard linearization curves for RTDs and thermocouples.



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