Universal Process Calibrator
Intrinsically Safe
  • The MCS-12-IS is a calibrator that enables measurement and generation of signals used in Instrumentation and Process Control.
  • Portable and compact, ideal for field use, with performance levels comparable only to laboratory standards.
  • Communicates with ISOPLAN® Calibration Software in a Windows™ environment providing a true Document Assisted Calibration System.

The Universal Process Calibrator MCS-12-IS now has an approved version for use in hazardous areas. The MCS-12-IS is intrinsically safe. Can be operated in the Group IIC Zone 0, which is the most demanding regarding the need for protection against electric sparks, is the group of hydrogen and acetylene.
The Probe input calculates temperatures based on standard international tables on the IPTS-68 and ITS-90 scales and also has internal algorithms that calculate temperatures using Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients from a sensor calibration. It has useful items that allow it to be used in the field and on a bench. The calibrator also incorporates automatic computer calibration concepts, such as report and certificate issuance, automatic task management, organization and data archiving to meet the requirements of quality procedures.



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