Calibration Laboratory

The periodical calibration of the process control instruments and the standards guarantees the reliability of measurements and therefore the quality of the finished products.

The calibration process, understood as the comparison between the values indicated by a measuring instrument and those indicated by a standard of higher level, allows several advantages:

  • Guarantees the traceability of measurements.
  • Reduces variations of the technical specifications of products.
  • Prevents defects and makes measurements compatible.
  • Standardizes procedures.
Our Calibration Laboratory PRYMELAB is accredited by CGCRE
(under the number CAL 193 - ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and belongs to the BRAZILIAN CALIBRATION NETWORK (RBC), follows the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001:2015.

We provide certification of our calibrators in the following scopes:

  • Range from 2 Pa up to 16,000 (1100 bar)
    gage, absolute pressure, and vacuum with uncertainties up to 80 ppm (digital manometer), 100 ppm (analog manometer) and 150 ppm (pressure transmitter).
  • Range from -55 to 660 °C
    for RTD/temperature meter with RTD sensor with uncertainties up to 0.01 °C.
  • Range from -55 to 1100 °C
    for Thermocouple/temperature meter with Thermocouple sensor with uncertainties up to 0.04 °C.
  • Range from -200 to 800 °C
    for RTD meter/simulator with uncertainties up to 0.03 °C.
  • Range from -250 to 2300 °C
    for Thermocouple meter/simulator with uncertainties up to 0.02 °C.
  • Range from -55 to 420 °C
    for liquid baths with uncertainties up to 0.04 °C.
  • Range from -80 to 1100 °C
    for dry block calibrators with uncertainties up to 0.20 °C.
Electrical Signals
  • Range from 1 mV to 100 Vcc
    with uncertainties up to 0.8 µV.
  • Range from 10 µA to 100 mAcc
    with uncertainties up to 8 nA.
  • Range from 1 Ω to 100 kΩ
    with uncertainties up to 0.18 mΩ.

See at INMETRO website the detailed description of the ranges of pressure, temperature and electrical signals.

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